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Xurious Beauty Fashions Private Limited proudly serves as the exclusive master franchise for the extensive promotion of Dessange Paris throughout India, dedicated to spreading the allure of Dessange Paris Salon and Spa across the nation.

For women from all walks of life, Dessange’s unparalleled expertise uncovers the inherent beauty within. Since 1954, Dessange has been enhancing your beauty in every stage of life, a legacy that continues to thrive eternally

Their unwavering commitment to superior service allows each customer to indulge in the Total Beauty Experience of Dessange. Our salons are reserves of ultimate care that offer you the touch of luxury.

Savour the Dessange Experience!

The Creator of Dessange International was a brilliant French mind. Jacques Dessange– pioneer of cinema’s most loved hairdos – devoted his life to embellishing women’s hair.

Stemming from an adolescence involved with WWII, Dessange moved with the singular purpose of enriching beauty through the best of haircare. It is said that he always had hair on his mind.

The man behind Jean Seberg’s distinctive pixie cut and Brigitte Bardot’s iconic beehive, Dessange triumphs of tending to the highest order of clients, being the Official Hairdressing Partner of the Cannes Film Festival, Paris Fashion Week among several.

Jacques Dessange was the mastermind behind tousled dos – designed to let women’s hair breathe and flow more naturally. This was the beginning of a new era in cinema and style. A dyeing technique that creates the impression of sun-kissed hair and one of the earliest steam hair straighteners were other creations he pioneered over a career spanning half a century.

1% For The Planet

Worldwide, nearly 1,900 salons and 20,000 people represent the Dessange International brands daily. As a franchisor of the network and as manufacturers of cosmetic and hair care products, we realize that we impact the environment, our employees and society. We are driven by a commitment to excel in developing our brands to innovate while limiting our carbon footprint and impact on people. Dessange International as a company, is driving sustainable change in the field of beauty.

Our Philosophy

Xurious Beauty Fashions Private Limited proudly serves as the exclusive master franchise for the extensive promotion of Dessange Paris throughout India, dedicated to spreading the allure of Dessange Paris Salon and Spa across the nation.

In matters of beauty, our founder Jacques Dessange believed, “People should always decide for themselves.”

Encouraged by the same, Dessange Group powers the concept of “Global Beauty”. With this, we mean we use our wide spaces and diverse perspectives to energise you, assertive and in style. With solutions that adapt to the mood and the moment, our know-how invites you to freedom in beauty.

You are more than a face or personality. You are our source of style and inspiration

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Elevating Beauty and Empowering Casinos

DESSANGE is a brand dedicated to women’s beauty: each customer must live a unique moment of enchantment.

Beyond hairdressing, DESSANGE offers global beauty services for total well-being: development of beauty treatments, beauty salons, urban spas and hair spas, but also lines of hair products, face and body, make-up and accessories.

In recent years, casinos have shown increased interest in supporting female beauty brands. This is probably due to the increasing number of female casino customers. There are several reasons why casinos could support female beauty brands. First, these brands tend to be associated with luxury and wealth. This fits with the image that casinos are trying to project.

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For more than 30 years, DESSANGE has been the only Official Hairdressing Partner of the Cannes Film Festival as well as the biggest film festivals.

The development of the brand is carried out internationally via the master franchise, with openings all over the world: Latin America, China, etc.

Franchise Support & Benefits

Brand Value

Over the past 7 decades, Dessange Paris has transformed from a single salon into a network of 310 salons, and we cordially invite you to join us in this remarkable journey of success in premium and luxury salon range.

Franchise Cost

It will cost depending on the size of the project.

Special Training Offered

At Dessange, we provide specialized training to our recruits,

Marketing Support

At Dessange, we offer comprehensive support services that encompass PR assistance, marketing, business generation, IT & POS billing, and ongoing operational support.


Thanks to a rigorous selection of its partners and a policy of developing career plans for managers, DESSANGE knows how to co-opt and retain professionals who all share the same requirement. The internal organization of transmission of know-how, values and quality standards, through the Training Centers, the cornerstone of the Group, has always ensured a strong development and a same level of service throughout the network. The brand and its employees move forward every day, together, on the road to Excellence.