Honma Tokyo

Your beauty is what moves us!

Honma Tokyo was founded in 2008 and, since then, has been committed to the search for continuous quality improvement, innovation of its products and responsibility for the health and well-being of beauty professionals and consumers.​

Honma Tokyo is gaining more and more visibility in the national and international market. In addition to Brazil, we are in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania and the Middle East.

Innovation, Quality and Passion are concepts that follow Honma Tokyo since its foundation.

Professional Hair Care Products Supplier

Advanced Cosmetic Technology. Professional Products for Hair Transformation, Hair Treatment and Maintenance. Hair Botox, Keratin Treatments (Keratin Straightening), Nanoplastia, Bixyplastia.

Franchise Support & Benefits

Transformation Line

The Transformation line consists of carefully selected natural extracts that provide hydration, recovery, vitality and shine of the hair.

Treatment Line

The Treatement line restores your hair from the inside with the use of the body’s own keratin, micro natural pigments prevent hair from fading.

Home Care Line

Home Care lines, in order to take good care of the hair after the treatments, various home care lines are developed for home use.

New and Exclusive Bottles

We developed new bottles for Honma Tokyo product with great care and pride, inspired by the brand’s passion.

A change that not only enhances the brand’s aesthetic, but also conveys the concepts of modernity, technology, innovation, beauty, and movement that the company has been proud to represent for more than a decade.

The concept of launching an exclusive bottle is a huge leap for us at Honma Tokyo in terms of adopting a more effective premium brand concept while also reinforcing the intrinsic visual and conceptual identity.